Ancient Wisdom For A Contemporary Lifestyle

LOTUS BOTANICAL ELIXIRS were created specifically to help the body RESTORE BALANCE. Based on the ancient Lotus Flower Elixirs formula once consumed by Buddha and the Egyptian Pharaohs, they utilize the power of "adaptogenic" botanicals to aid the alignment of the energy centers in the body. Every cell, organ and system in our body relies on a stable environment to function efficiently. Stress is our #1 silent enemy that creates imbalance, zapping your body’s adrenal system and vital energy. Whether it's physical or emotional stress, our vibrant health depends on the ability of our internal systems to quickly adjust to imbalances and restore our natural balance.


Alternatives to energy drinks

Lotus is more then a natural way to increase energy. Lotus helps balance your body so it is at it's best. We are the first to combine rhodiola rosea and schizandra berries into a drink, to help achieve balance and help you deal with stress so you are at your best.

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