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Enjoy Lotus Elixirs while working, studying, traveling, training or just balancing the stressful demands of daily life. Discover how Natural Plant-Based Energy works with your body for optimum performance.

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Some words from our Awesome Customers

Great product, refreshing excellent by itself or a great mixer.
Lotus Elixers hit it out of the ballpark with this one! Crisp, clean refreshing taste with the power of adaptagens to energize and help guard the body from the effects of stress without sugar!!! I love it!!
I got this today and could not wait for it to chill so I poured it over ice. I cannot believe that this is sugar free. I love it. I was interested in the citrus-Peach flavor and it is amazing. This may be my new favorite flavor out of the 4 flavors.The natural energy you get without the sugar crash is awesome.I hope they come out with more flavors because this is my new go to drink for the day.